MissionXP Somerset

by admin on June 3, 2014

We’ve just had an amazing MissionXP at the MissionBase in Somerset. We had 3 travelling workers for the week along with 5 local pioneers. Each day we spent time in prayer and the scriptures and then went out to find people of peace and to meet with some of the existing simple communities. Through the week we:

1) Trained 7 Pioneers to prayer walk, connect with people/places and find people of peace

2) Door knocked 350-400 houses in one town and prayed for many people to be healed in the name of Jesus. There are some initial contacts to now follow up as we search for people of peace there

3) Offered Spiritual readings and healing to people in another town centre – many were touched and we’re now following up with 3 people of peace in that town

4) Gave out 1600 fliers for a Dream event in another town. 60-70 people came along and at least 2 new groups will be started as a result of this event as well as 6/7 people being added to existing groups

5) Found a total of 18 people of peace who said they were open to connecting more to learn more about Jesus with them and their friends and families

6) Saw 8 people committing to helping at future Dream Events in the area

7) Baptised 3 people with a further 3 people making professions of faith

Here’s a short video from the week – get in touch if you’d like to host a MissionXP in your area or with your church/team

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