Mission Experiences are a great opportunity learn about Pioneer Mission at one of our MissionBases. To join in download our expression of interest form and send it back to us

1 Week

Come and immerse yourself in a week of mission and disciple making. Get practical teaching and skills in the morning and then go and do the stuff in the afternoon and evening

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3 Months

Join one of our MissionBases for 3 months and learn the rhythms of prayer, community and mission. Not only will you receive practical training in mission and disciple making but you’ll also grow in your own skills and gifts as part of the MissionBase team

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1 Year

A fantastic opportunity to join a MissionBase for a whole year. Not only will you learn about Mission on the ground locally but you will become part of the team and have opportunities to contribute towards the local / national / global work. If you are serious about mission and disciple making and are looking for a year out then contact us today

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